Monday, July 22, 2013

VS speech day

 photo IMG_2830_zps1984ff5d.jpg
So proud of you lil bro :)

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Opening performance

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 photo IMG_2811_zps82097cc0.jpg
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Awkward face hahaha

 photo IMG_2841_zps9571780c.jpg
With some of his class friends

 photo IMG_2849_zpsd80c276c.jpg
Completely barefaced. Ignore those tiny eyes

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 photo IMG_2852_zps24d0f46e.jpg
Lunch at the reception

 photo IMG_2867_zps0ccb8ca0.jpg

My brother's secondary school had their award giving ceremony on Sat morning and they invited all the graduates (who did well for O's) back as well, which explains why we were there. Oh and don't ask me why my brother is so smart while I'm damn stupid... I have no idea. Suspect my brain shrunk as I grew older. LOL. Anyway the amazing thing about VS is that they always have a photobooth at special events. Seriously, a freaking photobooth for an all boy's school! Hahaha knowing me, I just had to utilize it.