Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Walking disaster

How I spent my Sunday -

 photo IMG_7278_zpsbba4c82a.jpg
 photo IMG_7266_zps704e11a0.jpg
Sharks fin soup on a burning plate which amazed me

 photo IMG_7267_zps46b3c18a.jpg
My favourite dish - bamboo clam!

 photo IMG_7264_zps8cd54e61.jpg
Two of the people I am willing to die for if there was a need to ♥

 photo IMG_7270_zpsfc1b75ed.jpg
 photo IMG_7268_zps92752aee.jpg
Our table and the watermelon test tubes

 photo IMG_7269_zps57376b1a.jpg
The cake my cousins got for their dad

 photo IMG_7271_zpsfeab449e.jpg
 photo IMG_7283_zps0840cc9d.jpg
Uncle's birthday celebration at Tunglok Classic with the Ho family :)

 photo IMG_7289_zpsb2f1c903.jpg
Our DIY style of roasting marshmallows by the beach

 photo IMG_7290_zpsa6c8da89.jpg

I am a living mess.
Sometimes I feel like my existence is just a hindrance to everyone around me.