Sunday, August 04, 2013

Family weekend

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The usual dishes

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 photo IMG_7903_zpsc1db18ec.jpg
My dad is a natural

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Haha check out my cute parents behind me

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 photo IMG_7905_zpsc730cd27.jpg
Awkward legs

 photo IMG_7904_zpsd380d02b.jpg
 photo IMG_7887_zps41c0d303.jpg
Reasons why I am fat

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 photo IMG_7930_zpsedc29ebc.jpg
Not sure what this is but its good

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 photo IMG_7934_zps9a767d88.jpg
Salmon mentai my love

 photo IMG_7926_zpsf685e288.jpg
Soft shell crab handrolls for all of us cuz' soft shell crab is da bomb

 photo IMG_7938_zps9701c0a3.jpg

Our family day is usually on Saturdays but this week it's both Sat & Sun! Always good to spend time with my fam ♥ Yesterday we had lunch at Vivo's Dian Xiao Er and shopped there since we were super full and needed to walk it off. Headed to CSC for a few games of bowling after shopping - my favourite part of the day ^^ For dinner we ordered Pepperoni Pizzeria and grilled chicken wings before watching a movie together. Then today we had lunch at Sushi Tei (hehe jap food makes me happy) plus I'm meeting my bff for dessert cum dinner later on. I have sinned... Need to burn off those extra calories. Anybody wants to sign up for yoga classes with me?!