Wednesday, August 14, 2013

National Day 2013

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Already a camwhore at such a young age.. it must run it the family hahaha

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Mom's facial expression is win

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Dad with swag

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My chicken bento set which I ordered just for the salmon sashimi

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With my cutie grandma

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Hipster grandpa

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The parents' crab noodle

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Dad in the background snapping away

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Genuinely happy

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See the people behind wear until like singapore flag lol

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Playing with slow shutter speed and a light saber

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Dinner with my family at SSC on National Day. Wanted to wear red at first because I am patriotic like that, but then I realized I don't own a single piece of clothing in red -___- #win Anyway we ordered so much food we ended up wasting a lot.. we are always ordering too much tskkk. Not sure if poor estimation or just too greedy hahaha

Went to the playground to relive our childhood memories (mine and Clemon's - we used be at SSC all the time when we were younger!!) and realized that they renovated it so now it isn't as awesome anymore. I mean come on... they removed the swings and giant tunnel slide. Those were the best stuff. Why would anyone remove the swings of all things?! Omg so disappointed la :( Nonetheless, had fun acting like kids all over again. Even my dad joined us hehe too cute!