Friday, August 30, 2013

Paper conqueror

 photo IMG_8507_zps55259280.jpg
 photo IMG_8514_zps4d242ef8.jpg
Say hello to Douche Chua hahaha

 photo IMG_8511_zps2328a738.jpg
My babies :-*

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 photo IMG_8516_zps30d8cf52.jpg
This is how Jh plays bowling LOL

 photo IMG_8518_zps5c14101f.jpg
 photo IMG_8517_zps9ae0a209.jpg
My stance more professional la (step)

 photo IMG_8519_zps7e6854b3.jpg
 photo IMG_8531_zps9842f84e.jpg
Just me, chillin' on the hospital bed

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 photo IMG_8530_zps83ceb1c2.jpg

2 down, 1 more to go. After an entire week of mugging (weekends also never give chance) we're finally left with the easiest paper next week so time to relax for now. Went for dinner and bowling with my homies right after the second paper, followed by town to chill at a nice place called Cuscaden. Am so going back there next time!

Bad news is, my mom tore a tendon in her leg so she went for an op this morning. All of us woke up at like 6am and sleepy me accompanied my mom all the way till she was pushed into the operating theatre. Hope she has a speedy recovery :) The hospital ward is really damn comfy, almost similar to a hotel room no joke!! Dad & I came back to have lunch and to fetch Cymon so here I am squeezing in some time to blog before we head back to Mount Elizabeth~