Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Riding pants

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Mom's side family :)

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Ayam Penyet fish version on the right (so it isn't ayam anymore right)

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101 pics of my handsome baby bro

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Would love to relive the good ol' days and do this again!!

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Swag face and still can wave all

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Spot my dad snapping pics at the second floor

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 photo IMG_3572_zps3d9bb37b.jpg

 photo IMG_3602_zps62c36e9b.jpg
Me flying in style~

 photo IMG_3608_zps4425a29b.jpg
On flying fox also must act cute

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 photo IMG_3601_zps9009e5e4.jpg

Loving the pair of checkered riding pants from Mango, so vintage don't you think? Found it while digging in the mother's closet - it's full of treasure! Hahaha. Also found a brown vintage mini cross body sling but haven't had the chance to carry it yet. Anyway Sunday saw us at Far East Plaza's Ayam Penyet Ria, ordered a whole table of food and ended up not being able to finish again. Discovered some high elements event at the first floor so we accompanied Cymon to try it out :) Really miss rock climbing and all the fun times I had during secondary school camps!