Friday, August 23, 2013

Study week

 photo IMG_8403_zps9d378bf2.jpg
Shameless selfie in the bus, what's new?

 photo IMG_8410_zpsdefd1a71.jpg
Dope sticker for my (I haven't decided where to stick it yet) from Cw

 photo IMG_8411_zps6ebd7fa2.jpg
Lame ass pic in the supermarket. I tried.

 photo IMG_8412_zpsc361eb22.jpg
Our yummy home cooked creamy pasta, tomato cream soup and mashed potato

 photo IMG_8345_zpsf709ea65.jpg
Mini bottle shaped liquor chocolate I found at home

 photo IMG_8377_zpse8c9dce6.jpg
My first encounter with baby dinos

 photo IMG_8391_zpsa0d885eb.jpg
Roxy steamboat like sex

 photo IMG_8392_zps92df9ff6.jpg
Crazies shouting random lyrics the whole night hahaha

We're in our final weeks of poly and I just can't wait to gradufuckingate!!!! Barely even studied this week, just went back to school to break rules and kill time. Gotta start hardcore studying tomorrow, really need to clear all my modules man. Last night was roxy steamboat (its damnnn good btw) followed by teoheng with Cw & Jh and this evening the rest joined us for a home cooked meal plus chillax session. Everyone cooked together hehe more of such nights please! ^-^

P.S/ Pardon the lack of blog posts.. time for exams BRB