Thursday, August 08, 2013

The originals

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The post is titled "the originals" because the 4 of us were the ones that formed our clique. We were already best friends since secondary school times and Audrey & Flavian joined us a few years ago. Anyway Tuesday night saw us at Lau Pa Sat followed by Starbucks but Drey & Flav couldn't make it so when we met, J was like "omg the original clique reunion" and we just laughed about it for a while. Filled each other in on our latest news as usual~

Meeting them again next week! Even though we always can't seem to get the whole clique together on the same day due to different/busy schedules, I'm just glad that all of us make an effort to stay in one another's lives and make sure nobody leaves because true friendship is hard to come by :)