Sunday, August 18, 2013


Tiny update with accumulated iPhone pix -

 photo IMG_8063_zps9dba0216.jpg
BKT at Newton

 photo IMG_8169_zps48be6dd8.jpg
Pweedy floral socks

 photo IMG_8193_zpsef57969e.jpg
One of my favourite places to dine at since young

 photo IMG_8264_zpsd2331b21.jpg
Because class is boring

 photo IMG_8212_zpse95c5c5c.jpg
Jordan got us gifts from his country hehe

 photo IMG_8312_zps9c0674e8.jpg
Ready for Elysium with my popcorn and churro!

 photo IMG_8314_zps4011f11f.jpg
Maki-san dinner fix

 photo IMG_8329_zpsf036f410.jpg
Super cute Topshop t-rex & dino socks + black studded bag yay all mine ^-^

 photo IMG_8324_zps447dd581.jpg
Chilling at Starbucks with my family on a Sunday morning

 photo IMG_8340_zps3e0ee57f.jpg
Our outdoor shoot in progress


I have a question. When people think, what language is it in? Is it even in a language or is it just a thought? You know what I mean....? Because like normally when I speak my mind its in English, but sometimes the sentence comes out all gibberish or mixed up. Even though you may think it correctly it still comes out wrong, many a time people think of something but can't seem to put it in words. Does that mean thoughts do not actually "exist"? What then, are they made out of?