Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy weekend

Hey ho I am back with pictures from a long and tiring weekend!!!

 photo IMG_8901_zps3300b3f6.jpg
Friday where I made a new friend at work. Meet Furry! #boringjob #itry

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 photo IMG_8923_zpsd7d65b3a.jpg
Dinner at Hot Tomato with my homies that night

 photo IMG_8753_zpsb6681d3b.jpg
 photo IMG_8744_zps21d14c8a.jpg
Brunch at Pique Nique with Weng on another day

 photo IMG_8996_zps9fdd9fd8.jpg
 photo IMG_8997_zpsafc5cdf5.jpg
Went for waxing with Dhiv today hahaha fucking funny I almost died laughing. We were being waxed at the same time side by side (shared room) and she couldn't stop swearing because it was her first time and bwax hurts like crazy~