Friday, September 06, 2013

End of poly bitchezz!!!

These were taken on Wed - the end of our last paper and also the official last day of school. Oh my god unbelievable I am finally graduating hehe now we just have to sit back and await the results... Really hoping for the best *fingers crossed* In the meantime, JUST PARTY~~~~

 photo IMG_8629_zpsc7f50513.jpg
 photo IMG_8632_zpsaf5ea2cf.jpg
Class girls

 photo IMG_8697_zps8520ec0c.jpg
Pizza + my babies

 photo IMG_8671_zpsb4396edb.jpg
Class photo with our form teacher

 photo IMG_8701_zps4ef4f843.jpg
Wuv y'all ^-^

 photo IMG_8645_zps8bda4448.jpg
Then to Zouk at night with my homies! No more pictures because I was dead drunk hahaha what's new