Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old school

 photo Photoon21-9-13at1117PM_zpsc55bd479.jpg

The iPhone5s gold/silver is out of stock everywhere so I'm currently stuck with this shit ass Nokia which doesn't even have a camera or music or anything. Can't use whatsapp either and it's so annoying because I need it to communicate in the group chats. Texting is such a chore seriously man it takes forever to type on this keypad! Plus I have no friggin' idea how to switch this to silent mode so every time it beeps I get so embarrassed because of the ringtone. Oh well guess this is what I get for being unlucky and careless. (Yeah I lost my phone for those who don't know. My whole bag actually. Click here to read about our very unfortunate Phuket trip)

In the meantime, I need to apply for a full time job! Bank account hit an all time low of a negative 3 digit value.. No idea what to do with my future though. Got back my results today and y'know what guys?? I PASSED EVERYTHING AND AM FINALLY GOING TO GRADUATE WITH A DIPLOMA WHOOHOOOO~ Even though my GPA hit rock bottom but it doesn't matter because can you believe it I'M GRADUATING!!!!!

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