Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phuket gone wrong

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Hello guys I'm back! This is going to be a long post because there are so many things that happened to us this trip. Trust me, you would definitely want to know. Lost most of our pictures during the trip, you'll find out why after reading below.

Day 1 (Incident 1)

We were early, checked in about 6.30am when our flight was 8.20am. However, we spent too much time having breakfast, buying stuff from the duty free stores and in the toilet. They announced our names and we ran all the way to the gate (which was damn far away btw) only to realise that we missed our flight. And the best part? The plane hasn't even left yet. The pilot just refused to open the gate for us because it was already 8.15am and we were supposed to be there 30mins before the departure. Fuck.

One of the worst feelings I have ever felt, begged the staff to let us in but to no avail and after reality kicked in, I just sat there in a daze and cried like a baby. The rest were mostly in a state of shock / despair as well, but some stayed calm to book another flight for us. Ended up wasting 5 hours in the airport and $120 for a new air ticket. This was only the beginning of our bad luck......

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Breakfast before first flight

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The tickets for the flight we missed

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New ticket that cost us another SGD $120 ughhh the thought of it still infuriates me

 photo P1000304_zps7baddfcf.jpg
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Vodka shots for lunch hahahaha

 photo P1000293_zps76a11d30.jpg
Sad us because we had to wait 5 hours for our next flight

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On the way to the hotel

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We stayed at Royal Palm which was not bad! Just opposite Patong Beach and walking distance from Bangla Road (night life area).

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Finally checked in

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Kebab for the starving us

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Patong Beach (which wasn't as nice as Karon beach)

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I think we dined here like 4 times through out this trip

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Mad spicy tom yum soup

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Spot the sloth that Jh is holding (which totally freaked me out)

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Day 2

We went on a big boat to snorkel in the middle of the ocean followed by lunch at Phi Phi island. The night before we had alcohol for supper and Dhiv woke up hungover so she puked the entire time we were on the boat. Jinghan puked a couple of times too because of sea sickness and Ciwei, Jordan & myself just felt seasick the entire journey to & fro. Am just glad I didn't puke, nobody likes the feeling of vomiting.

Snorkeled with fishes!!!!! It was definitely one hell of an experience. Wouldn't mind doing it again if I could skip the several hours of boat ride to & fro. Dinner was good, we had bbq buffet at Neo Suki (something like Singapore's Mookata) at only SGD $12 per person. Cheap or cheap?? Ate till we couldn't walk man, too yummy and fulfilling~

Damn sad that these are all the pics left from this day because the whole lot of it (including videos for the whole trip) was taken with my phone (used underwater case to capture) and they are now gone... sigh pie. Luckily I sent a few to Audrey's phone before our bags got stolen.

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On the big boat that made almost all of us sea sick

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 photo IMG_2430_zps1b78d59c.jpg
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At Neo Suki - Thailand's authentic Mookata

Day 3 (Incident 2)

Went elephant trekking in the afternoon and it was my first time touching a baby elephant!!! In fact, it was my first time touching any animal!!!! So proud of myself ^^ I can't even explain the joy I had. People who know me would know my love for elephants and my fear of animals. The baby elephant even kissed me with his trunk?! I was frightened at first but still managed to stay beside it and play / take pictures with it.

But the pictures we took are all gone T-T We went to Karon beach after elephant trekking and late lunch. It was breath taking, the sea water was clean and bluish. The waves were very strong, nothing like I've seen before. We spent hours there until the sky turned dark and we walked back to the bench where we left our stuff... ONLY TO FIND OUR BAGS STOLEN. The towels were still there but every one of our bags were missing.

At first we thought it was a prank made by Jordan but soon we realized that our stuff were gone for good. Our phones, wallets, pictures, everything gone. We've been robbed. People stole our bags when we were busy taking pictures and weren't looking out for them. 8 of us went on this trip, 7 of us lost our phones. Lost all our wallets and some other stuff as well. Luckily Audrey was using her phone to take pictures so at least we still had 1 phone with pictures. I brought all my money out so I lost every last cent I had. My phone, waterproof case, retainers, wallet, polaroids I took during the trip - A L L.  G O N E.

3 of them rented motorbikes and the keys were in their bags which meant that we couldn't start the bikes. Everyone panicked. And this - this helpless feeling of losing your belongings and not knowing what to do (because we were in a foreign country, stuck at the beach due to the bikes, with no means of contacting the police or travelling back to the hotel on our own) - is by far the worst feeling I've ever felt in my entire life.

A thai lady passerby was really kind to help us call the police. We waited more than an hour in the dark for the police to arrive, had so much trouble trying to communicate with them due to the language barrier. In the end the girls squeezed into the back seats of the police's pick up truck while the boys stood at the open area at the back of the truck with the 3 bikes. Felt as though we were criminals, being in a police car and all. Sort of like the movie "Spring Breakers" hahaha. We were supposed to party that night but couldn't because of what happened..

Took 2 hours plus to finish the paper work at the police station, wrote our statements and were brought back to the hotel. Bike shop owner charged about SGD $300 for the lost keys and damage to the bikes. Those who kept some money in the hotel took out every cent they had and pooled it together for our meals for the remaining trip. Really thankful for this bunch of friends who are not calculative and will always look out for one another :')

 photo P1000377_zpsefea0eef.jpg
200 baht mani pedi hehe cheap thrill (that's like SGD $8)

 photo IMG_2455_zps5b1115a5.jpg
Jordan gave the poor monkey a cigarette and it felt so cheated it got angry

 photo IMG_2493_zps6082d9a5.jpg

 photo IMG_2477_zps43f2d0fe.jpg
If you look closely you can spot me beside it, moving closer towards it. I had many pictures and videos of myself with it, playing with it as it sat down, when I hugged it and when it kissed me. One of the best moments of my life, first time overcoming my fear of animals because I really love elephants :') But all the evidence is gone now so okay moving on

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Overly excited me at the back

 photo IMG_9171_zpsf69e2698.jpg
With my ride buddy Jh! The only few pictures I have of us on the elephant.. my baby elephant pics and polaroids are all gone too :( Hope the fuckers who stole our bags get hit by karma and die

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Attempting to form the human pyramid

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 photo IMG_2498_zps68dd8fc6.jpg

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We girls tried basing but I couldn't get them to use technique so I made the boys use pure arm strength and it worked! (Btw these are the pics that caused us to get robbed of our stuff so yeah fuck)

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Police report just in case y'all don't believe me

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Shag faces after a terrible day. This was us having dinner at 3am ok

Day 4

Last day in Phuket, nothing much to say about this day. Checked out and explored the place for some last minute shopping with the remaining cash we had (after deducting for our meals). Sushi and steamboat buffet for lunch, also only SGD $12 per person. Really worth it! Headed for a massage before leaving for the airport. Managed to catch our flight back, arrived in Sg around 1am.

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 photo P1000374_zps0568298a.jpg
Yeap, Jordan lost. LOL

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 photo P1000382_zpse82ca04b.jpg
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Crazy hungry monsters we are

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 photo P1000379_zps662da4b5.jpg
 photo P1000387_zps6058511f.jpg
My fav as always

 photo P1000395_zps0f1cfa11.jpg
 photo P1000396_zpsa1647ca4.jpg
 photo P1000398_zps15d26d99.jpg
Last set of beach pictures before we leave Phuket

 photo P1000401_zps0c1635c8.jpg
 photo P1000406_zpsab2645cf.jpg
 photo P1000407_zpsaad8471a.jpg
Didn't get to try parasailing because we didn't have much money left

 photo P1000403_zpsac8e74e8.jpg

 photo P1000404_zps915ddf2a.jpg
 photo IMG_2564_zpscecea1fa.jpg
 photo P1000408_zps628cd149.jpg
Yx being tortured by a ladyboy HAHA it was fun to watch

 photo IMG_2490_zps798b2573.jpg
♥ ♥ ♥

 photo P1000414_zpsb1d3cfdc.jpg
Just a tiny souvenir, too cute. Got myself a white carved elephant bracelet too but I forgot to snap a picture of it.

 photo IMG_2491_zpsb9f44930.jpg
Goodbye Phuket!!!!

 photo P1000433_zps2db2c3b5.jpg
 photo P1000423_zps87c725c0.jpg
 photo P1000434_zps95dbe9a8.jpg
Jh and Yx making out at the back hmmmm *suspicious eyes*

 photo P1000438_zpsfd6d0d56.jpg
They were gonna explode due to the air pressure and we kept throwing it around, laughing non stop. Lucky for us half the plane was empty otherwise all the passengers would have complained about us being a public nuisance

 photo P1000436_zpsdf2af312.jpg
 photo P1000437_zpsd6a7b647.jpg

It was one hell of a trip.
Crazy experience that brought us closer together and taught us a huge life lesson. Will never forget this unfortunate yet eventful trip, am just glad we're all back safely!

P.S/ If you didn't read Day 3's details properly go back up and read it again before you ask me why and how we got robbed or what we lost. Every tiny detail is up there. I don't want to repeat myself because the thought of it makes me really sad :(