Thursday, September 19, 2013


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Just a few miserable visuals from Monday night when I met Apples mini for a short catch up sesh over dinner and desserts, as usual. We really need a longer meet up next time when everyone has the time! Really missed all of them especially Jere whom I haven't seen for the longest time and is so cute now because army got rid of his long hair for him. Finally man. (I have been telling him he looks better with short hair since 4 years ago pffft) Single ladies y'all know what to do~ HAHA

Scheduled this post in case y'all miss me while I'm away on my short trip. While you're reading this I'll already be in Phuket getting high 24/7!!!! The girls and I have this crazy idea to jump on the bed with gummy worms and alcohol in the middle of the night and I really think we will end up doing it. Can't promise many pictures since I brought a normal Lumix digicam with me but I will try. Underwater case is on my phone too in case I want to take videos in the sea while snorkeling. Patiently await my return ok bye now ;)