Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Toy museum

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Karomah took these for me, she's getting the hang of it hahaha

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Tickets are priced at $15 for adults and $7.50 if you produce your student card

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Greeted by a space rocket lift

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Mini Popeyes

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There is a different descriptive sign on every floor

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Life sized Tintin and Snowy!

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Cool poster of Batman and his gang

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The 7 dwarves!!! Childhood cartoons

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Me punching Mickey's butt

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I never liked Ultraman but Jh seemed fascinated haha must be the age gap

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The rules were not to use flash but rules are meant to be broken

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Betty Boop behind me

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Omg Archie - I used to be obsessed. Still have a whole box of Archie comics at home

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The weighing machine that lies

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Beatles figurines

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3D comic wall

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So that pretty much sums up our trip to the Mint museum of toys! Jh and I were talking about it some time back so we decided to visit it on Sunday since we were both bored without plans. Such a cool place, with a 5 story floor by floor concept. They own a wide collection of toys from all over the world which cost more than a few thousand dollars each, all for our viewing pleasure :) Reliving childhood memories from all the different tv programs we used to watch. Headed for steamboat dinner at Bugis after that because we felt like it~