Saturday, September 07, 2013

Wimbly Lu

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Denim on denim can never go wrong

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T-rex socks are happy socks

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3 Cs - Chocolate. Cafe. Company.

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I thought this was kinda cool, gives me the idea of magical gold glitter dust that only appears when someone approaches the door.

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I love the look of this place!

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Bored us waiting for the food

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Dessert served in a martini glass

 photo IMG_3776_zps722614ef.jpg
Must-have waffles with chocolate truffle flavoured ice cream

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Yummy cheesy toasted sandwiches

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Nics got me an elephant temp tattoo hehe cute right???

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Check out the waitress' floral apron in the mirror reflection

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Puffy clouds everywhere yay yay yay

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"Chocolate is the answer" EXACTLY

 photo IMG_3836_zps04aced93.jpg
 photo IMG_3743_zps2cc99a62.jpg
 photo IMG_3866_zps7d2f4960.jpg
Some real clouds that aren't puffy at all, those in Wimbly Lu were nicer hahaha

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 photo IMG_3878_zps8a583048.jpg
Fisheye O.O

 photo IMG_3880_zps4bb7ddaf.jpg
They posed for me! So adorbs!

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Playing uno stacko with sushi plates

 photo IMG_3920_zpsa3f7fc72.jpg

This is one of the cafes we have always wanted to try out and can finally be striked off our list! Wimbly Lu is located at Lorong Chuan (walking distance from the mrt) and is famous for their root beer cake with vanilla ice cream & their chocolate everything. What makes a cafe better than the rest? Chocolate. Loads of it ^-^ Both exterior and interior design are amazing, super dreamy with puffy clouds all over the ceiling and walls!!! I like how they have a glass ceiling for us to experience an "outdoor" feel and yet it is actually fully air conditioned to protect us from the outside heat.

After that we headed to town for some shopping (window shopping for me because broke girls can't afford to shop sigh pie...) and Rm's boyfriend joined us for dinner. We had Nihon Mura Express because I was having serious cravings and as usual, I spent every last cent I had on food. Ate soooo much I think I ate like 5 plates of salmon sashimi? Hahaha damn hardcore. Walked around aimlessly followed by chilling at Coffee Bean till late. Always a good day when I'm out with my best friends ♥ Would have been perfect if the rest could join us as well!