Saturday, October 12, 2013

Andy's 21st

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Andy's birthday party the other day at his place :) Andy came over to fetch me in the afternoon to meet Jere, Dawn & Hilmi before rushing off to fetch his parents while Jere drove us over to Andy's place after a quick lunch. Apples showed up the earliest because the birthday boy requested for us to be early so we chilled in his bedroom watching Jere play some stupid fish game on the computer. All of Andy's other cliques slowly showed up after 7pm and the house was sooooo packed (it has 2 levels) that even the corridors were occupied! Party ended at around midnight I think.

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Apples mini ♥

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Hope you like your present!

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Pardon the retarded squished face

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My friends love taking candid pictures of me

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My "da jies" hahaha

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Can't get enough of the giant mirror at the dining area

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Awesome picture because of the balloon overload

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We took more than 10 of these but I deleted the rest #excessivecamwhores

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Buffet dinner before the other guests arrived

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Time for the awkward birthday song

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Apples full force ^-^

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Till next time!