Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Charlie & co

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Fidgeting with my nails (that is Audrey's messy sofa not mine)

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See this two, want to action (but actually I forced them to pose like that one)

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Oh yes I chopped of my hair sometime last week

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Their menu is in a newspaper form haha how cute

 photo IMG_4376_zps60b8a16b.jpg
I was really deciding on what to order okay

 photo IMG_4397_zps7a4f40b8.jpg
I am still super against Drey's new dimple piercings tsk

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Our crazy huge ass burgers

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 photo IMG_4394_zps59f560b8.jpg
Their not-really-truffle truffle fries

 photo IMG_4399_zpscca80496.jpg
Nics and her current obsession with unicorns

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This was Thursday when I met my bbgs to chill at Drey's place (thus the extremely casual outfit) but they suddenly decided to head to town from there so yeap. Went to get some birthday presents followed by dinner at Charlie & co, located at Ion's basement. The place serves mainly burgers and fries, which are just so-so. The burgers are quite huge but not exactly worth the price in my opinion since they're not thaaaaat great~ Chocolate milkshake can't be compared to the one at EWF or Fat Boys either but okay I'll give them credit for their brilliant idea of having a newspaper menu. Went home after dinner to catch up on Legend of Korra season 2 yay it's finally out!!!