Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Krispy Kreme

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Discovered a new photo editing phone app that day. PhotoWonder makes people look 10x better. Just look at my enlarged eyes & slimmer face - all I did was use the "one click" function!

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Crazy girl bought a dozen and gave me one yay :-*

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Me at war with the sticky wasabi

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The day I met Drey for some retail therapy in town and we queued 45 minutes just to buy Krispy Kreme donuts. But t'was worth it because we got a free donut while queuing and it's worth friggin' $2.60 okay! Their donuts are overpriced as hell but extremely good. Not even kidding. At first when Drey asked me to queue with her I was like "what is the big deal it's just donuts" but now I know why. Anyway we had Itacho Sushi for dinner after several hours of shopping and happy me is happy because I managed to buy a dress & a top from H&M at a steal! Gotta love the sale season ;)