Thursday, October 03, 2013

Lunch across the street

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Finally a pic of my mom in her huge ass boot haha

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Dim sum yum

 photo IMG_4047_zps9c1098d3.jpg
These balls were real good

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My favourite dish in every chinese restaurant is this tofu thingy!

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 photo IMG_4034_zps5bb2ac26.jpg
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"Mom make a stupid face quick"
"Like that?"

 photo IMG_4026_zps27c9f956.jpg
Peking duck mmm~

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 photo IMG_4057_zpsde73a291.jpg
Watermelon test tube (trying to be artistic)

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 photo IMG_4061_zps3d8360c7.jpg
 photo IMG_4071_zpse1d300c6.jpg

So that pretty much sums up my lunch date with the mom's elder sister and my cousin Marcus, to celebrate his 19th birthday. Just a simple lunch where we crossed over to CSC (it is literally one street across from my house) and ate at the chinese restaurant upstairs. I've been there uncountable times with my family because it's so convenient and the food's great ^-^ Went back home after and spent the rest of the afternoon fooling around with Cymon and my childhood toy - a scooter. Haha more on that in the next update!