Thursday, October 31, 2013

My first Halloween

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I've been saying the same old thing every year - to celebrate Halloween the next year. And this year, I finally did it. Booked a room at Studio M hotel with my homies for a 1 day 1 night stay. T'was amazing!!! The room was really cosy with 2 levels plus a nice view, not to mention great company ♥

All of us sort of dressed up..... okay fine our costumes sucked but we didn't have time because we only confirmed plans and booked the room the night before. Next morning a few of us who were free rushed down to get us some hats and masks as impromptu costumes before checking in. Watched tv on the comfy bed and blew balloons while waiting for Dhiv & Jordan to arrive.

After all 6 of us were present, we ate dinner and played drinking games before we were high enough to party. Cabbed to Home Club slightly after midnight (Zouk is too overrated / crowded for us) and partied till they closed around 4am?? Cabbed back and had cup noodles for supper before zonking out. Can't wait for next year's Halloween! I promise to put in more effort in my future costumes ^-^

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I love the whole double level thing!

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We were bored while waiting...

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My stupid idea to make scary apples but failed hahaha we didn't even eat them

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The sofa bed upstairs

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Time for room decoration 101

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The two idiots competing who can blow more in a shorter time LOL

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Yes that's me the pirate

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This picture is exactly like them 24/7

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Superman wannabe

 photo IMG_5341_zps268b4190.jpg
Oh nothing much, just me with my power ranger hipster friend

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At first all of us were supposed to be different coloured power rangers but we figured it'll seem boring

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Jordan was supposed to be the guy who owns Playboy Mansion if you can't already tell

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Just look at me! So calm standing beside Scream face

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That would be Gen on the right and I-don't-know-her-name in stripes haha

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Yeah we checked out leaving the whole place filled with balloons hehehe

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Prancing down after taking one last look at the second floor

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It was one sick night.
Happy (actual) Halloween guys!!!!