Monday, October 14, 2013

My first real job

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Yup okay so from the title you can roughly guess what I'm gonna update you guys about already. Didn't want to jinx it until I got the job but I just received a confirmation so okay here goes :)

I recently applied for a job as a childcare teacher but it's sort of like a course as well. I've to work for 3 months first and once I clear the first 3 months I can start on my alternate study-work scheme for another 1 year plus. It's a paid full time job including sponsorship of a diploma in early childhood studies which sounds like such an amazing offer, which also means I'm going to have to work real hard in order to keep my position!

I'm really happy because I thought I wasn't going to be able to find a proper job as my GPA is a mere 1.43 (yeah I'm a fucking extremist if you haven't noticed by now) and most companies will probably think I am a joke if I even tried applying.. Moreover, I had no idea what I wanted to work as. My dream jobs were to either be a full time blogger or an air stewardess but reality hit me - these 2 choices are highly impossible. So I thought, why not choose something that I love doing and yet is relatively possible? Thus the decision to be in this line. People who know me will know that I love kids and being able to work with them everyday is something that will definitely motivate me to persevere. Starting work in November and I really hope everything goes smoothly for me :)

Wish me luck while I start on my next chapter in life!!!