Monday, October 07, 2013

Plaids and zombies

Few days back when I met my homies for dinner -

 photo IMG_4222_zpscda372cd.jpg
Notice I like to start my posts with my solo pics heh

 photo IMG_4237_zpsf0bc357f.jpg
My babies who suddenly learnt to smile properly for a picture

 photo IMG_4229_zpsf85af532.jpg
 photo IMG_4278_zps4afd4128.jpg
Cute or what hahahaha btw that's tudong Dhiv for you

 photo IMG_4258_zps9cdd6d9d.jpg
 photo IMG_4236_zpsa72f98a6.jpg
 photo IMG_4256_zps61507740.jpg
Kinda like how this shot turned out because Yx is still but there are moving people in the background

 photo IMG_4263_zpsea98962f.jpg
 photo IMG_4231_zps68b8f87e.jpg
 photo IMG_4279_zpsb119cc93.jpg
This was just the beginning

 photo IMG_4304_zps7ff33326.jpg
 photo IMG_4302_zps059c8f73.jpg
 photo IMG_4319_zps2265faef.jpg
 photo IMG_4325_zps331b393d.jpg
L4D2 to end our night!!!! Fucking addicted to this shit

 photo IMG_4329_zpse0103600.jpg
Spent the last of my money on this watercolour skater dress-ish romper! *hyperventilates* Even though I am beyond broke and currently jobless... How to resist right?! #JUSTHADTO

Ok peace out ^^v