Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Siying - one of my closest girlfriends during secondary school days. We used to spend so much time at the tuition centre doing practically anything but study. It was like our second home hahaha

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Photobooth at Siying's place before Razy came to fetch us

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Steamboat that Ms Choo prepared for us

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Mummy hamster staring at me while she feeds her babies milk (it looks as if the baby hamster is drinking milk out of its mummy's vagina wtf)

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Movie night with Jh

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That pretty much sums up my Wednesday! Steamboat lunch at my ex-tuition-teacher Ms Choo's place, haven't seen her in close to 3 years. Too bad the rest of the students from our batch couldn't make it, would love to catch up with everyone!! I remember how close all of us were, spending our free time after school or weekends at the tuition centre trying to study but mainly just fooling around, eating, talking and what not. Even went out together several times. Ms Choo is the only tuition teacher I ever kept in contact with because she's so funny, nice and frank ;) She even wanted to bring us to JB this Friday but unfortunately I already have something on.

After that Razy fetched us back and I met Jh for dinner and a movie. We caught Prisoners which was damn good. A little draggy but exciting the whole time because we didn't know who was the real kidnapper and there were multiple twists in the plot. Go catch it if you haven't! Movie ended around midnight so we cabbed back sigh what's newwww