Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ruimin's 20th

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Met my besties last week to celebrate Jeanie & Ruimin's 20th birthdays (their birthdays are 4 days apart) just like how we do every year. This year, something went wrong. There were some issues so J left before we even started eating.. May such incidents never ever happen again. Sigh pie. Not sure how long it'll take before the problem is resolved but I hope it's real soon! Anyway after J left the rest of us continued with our lunch plan to bring back the mood followed by some shopping. Meeting them again this weekend yay ♥♥♥

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New vest which I got for a steal (only $6 wtf right haha cheap thrill!!)

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Fish fillet in a burger and their sour cream fries

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Nutella cake! Yummerz (but confirm develop a sore throat after)

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J's present from us - there's a Typo gift card somewhere inside too

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Cliche but it's to "plant" us on her pandora bracelet hahaha I hope you like your gifts bbg!

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Happy Rm opening hers

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I know you love your present baby, please use it to capture all future memories :-*

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I don't know what is it with us and the peace sign lol we clearly overuse it all the time

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