Saturday, October 05, 2013

Scooting around

 photo IMG_4151_zpsc4610aca.jpg
Spot my matching headband and chucks hehe

 photo IMG_4081_zpscda4a7ca.jpg
 photo IMG_4092_zpsfb04337e.jpg
An attempt at a panning shot

 photo IMG_4150_zps597f6b2d.jpg
He can be a total sweetheart even though he's such a pain in the ass sometimes ♥

 photo IMG_4111_zps02e83353.jpg
 photo IMG_4153_zps8e195b1f.jpg
 photo IMG_4190_zpsd2480704.jpg
He was freaking out up there LOL it wasn't even that high

 photo IMG_4182_zps2167d385.jpg
Not a good shot but okay getting there!

 photo IMG_4219_zps61fa46e2.jpg
The case of the crazy flying umbrella

 photo IMG_4195_zps68e40a1e.jpg
 photo IMG_4214_zps9b57aee2.jpg

Here's how I spent my Wednesday afternoon. Took out the long lost scooter and went downstairs for some play time with my little brother! I like how Cymon is so patient with me retaking the same shot multiple times and helping me take them, or how he is willing to do all the weird poses I request for and how he agrees to practically anything I ask for without even thinking twice :) Unlike Clemon, who's decision depends a lot on his mood and has no patience with my photo taking nonsense, even if I whine and say please tons of times.

What I love about having younger brothers is that they listen to my fashion advice, even if it may suck. Haha. I'm glad I always get to spend time with them and how close we all are as siblings. Sometimes I have friends who tell me they aren't close to their siblings and they barely even talk at home and in my head I'm just like "oh, poor you". Blood is thicker than water, all of you should treasure your family because they're the ones who are gonna be there for you if you get into trouble in the future!