Thursday, October 24, 2013

SEA Aquarium sneak peek

 photo IMG_4844_zps6b437caa.jpg
 photo IMG_4831_zps0221564d.jpg
 photo IMG_5240_zps3c6e56ee.jpg
 photo IMG_4863_zpsd2300c07.jpg
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 photo IMG_5231_zpsbbeafd17.jpg
 photo IMG_4908_zps4f1a9697.jpg
 photo IMG_5147_zps188bc6c5.jpg
 photo IMG_5062_zps5fa3fe25.jpg
 photo IMG_5160_zpsb75cdafe.jpg
 photo IMG_5172_zps38f96b05.jpg
 photo IMG_5171_zps07d38a92.jpg
 photo IMG_4898_zps8030d2ef.jpg

Some snippets from our visit to the SEA Aquarium yesterday :)
It was magnificent, nothing like what I pictured it to be.
Will elaborate more in my next update!