Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taking a spin

 photo IMG_4667_zpsd6178c89.jpg
Discretely snapping a shameless selfie

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 photo IMG_4670_zpsf289b3d8.jpg
They call this my "bitch face" hahaha

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 photo IMG_4661_zpsdbec5492.jpg
All time favourite Hazelnut in a cone

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 photo IMG_4649_zpsd4b35945.jpg

This was Tuesday - impromptu supper sesh with Andy & Jere :) We're always at Udders cuz we're boring like that. Good thing is that I always get staff discount hehe~ Siglap's outlet renovated and it looks so much better now! There are finally proper steps to the second floor, not the tiny & steep spiral stairs anymore. I used to work there and we had to bring down huge stacks of plates from the second floor down which can really kill if you're not careful.

Making full use of my remaining few weeks before I embark on a new journey. Don't worry I won't neglect this space, although updates might be a little less frequent!