Tuesday, October 01, 2013


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Since I haven't been out these few days, I have nothing to blog about. So I decided to bring up the topic on tattoos and what I would like to have on my body!

Society - or at least in Singapore - portrays tattoos like some sort of bad label. I have friends who tell me that the public always looks at them as if they're criminals or gangsters just because they have multiple tattoos. Many adults from the older generation do not understand that there is nothing wrong with having a tattoo and they have cultivated this idea in their children's minds as well. I personally think people shouldn't be judged because of their tattoos, it's just body art!!! Although I do have something against piercings.. but okay let's not go to that.

For now I have two tattoos in mind and I have wanted these two for the longest time (like more than a year already) but my parents will obviously object :( Plus I never had the guts to do it because everyone says it hurts like a bitch. Just don't wanna do something that I will regret, since its permanent and all. Considering putting them when I turn 21 next year! Or maybe if I suddenly grew some non-existent balls hahaha

So the first tatt I want is a watercolour piece exactly like that!!! At my left rib area so when I wear a tank with large armholes it can be seen but when I want to cover it up I can just wear a normal tank or any other top. However, instead of the origami birds..... (scroll down to continue)

I want it to be a paper heart and a paper plane like these. But of course in a slightly larger size, sort of like the size of those origami birds above. The paper heart and plane signifies the things that I have in life to be happy. Just like the quote "All we want in life is to love, to travel, and be happy." So the paper heart signifies love, the paper plane signifies travelling and with these 2 it equals to being happy :)

This is the rib area where I would put the water colour paper heart & plane

So yup that's the first tatt I want! Second one will be a quote, "Pain is weakness leaving the body". I've known of this quote since I was young, when my dad said it to me. I think it makes perfect sense and it can serve as a daily reminder for me to never give up and persevere in anything I do, since I am the type of person who gives up on things so easily.

Preferably in a font like that. I want it to be cursive but not too cursive till it's so difficult to read.

Or it can be in this font as well, at this exact spot on the back for me to be able to hide it easily and yet let it be seen when I wear a tube or bareback top ^-^

What are your thoughts on tattoos?
Do you think I should get them?