Friday, October 18, 2013

Tell me something sweet to get me by

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Saw this on tumblr, thought I should share:

My friends and I started the first day of kindergarten
with sweaty palms and runs in our tights
and Dillon got bashful when he saw me get on the bus
and hid his head in the seat
And Michelle and I played dress up for hours in her mother's closet
talking about what it would be like to act like
the big kids.

My friends and I started the first day of middle school
with sweaty palms and new jeans
and Dillon and I kissed under the jungle gym last year
but he liked another girl more than me.
And Michelle kissed all of her big brother's friends
and tried to be just like
the big kids.

My friends and I started the first day of high school
with sweaty palms and big text books
and Dillon has been dating Hannah for two months
and gives me looks in the hallway.
It seems like Michelle has been trying to play dress up in her mom's closet again
and all the boys look at her and she loves it
And it seems like no one will take you seriously unless you're
a big kid.

My friends and I said goodbye the last day of Senior Year
with fond memories and our graduation caps
and Dillion took his own life last year
because Hannah forgot they were dating
for a night.
And Michelle stays home mostly now
because her baby needs her more than she needs her degree
and it scares me now
because we are
the big kids.

It's scary how we're all growing up so fast.