Sunday, October 27, 2013

Under the sea

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Rest of the visuals from the day poop & I visited the SEA Aquarium! Mom had 2 tickets for it but since she's still injured she gave them to me and I brought poop with me. He loves all sorts of sea creatures & animals and he loves places like the zoo or aquarium, just like my baby bro Cymon. Places like these bore the crap out of me but at least I have the company of my beloved camera, which means 10000000 pix!!! Hahaha. Took so many pictures that I had a hard time deciding which ones to upload :S

After a whole afternoon spent at the SEA Aquarium, we headed to dinner at Maki-san for like the millionth time. Suspect that we're addicted to it hehe *drools* Caught About Time after our fulfilling sushi fix, which was not bad! Typical love story with a tinge of fantasy (what's better than time travel, right?) and if I'm not wrong they were british. Yep.

Wonderful day spent with poop ^-^

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Finally used the cute temporary tattoo that Nics gave me

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Always ignoring me for clash of clans  -___-

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This game is number 1 on my hate list pffft

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Entering the tunnel......

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All the fishes trying to eat me oh no

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This is really cool because there are sea creatures swimming under the floor wtf

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These things (no idea what they are) remind me of rats

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Peeping into the magnifying pop out glass..

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..and inside I saw the most hideous looking fish alive

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OMG THEY WERE MATING HAHA lucky me for getting there at the right time! They separated soon after I took a few shots

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Shark eggs enlarged

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This fish is the size of a 50 cent coin no joke

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Touching the baby sharks

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Now this is what we call a school of fish

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Stingray smiling at me LOL

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Guess what was inside this?

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Worm-like eels that hid back into their hole when we knocked on the glass. Pussies.

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Dolphins!!! I stood there for at least 20 minutes trying to capture a clear picture of it

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Playful dolphins swimming upside down

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The jellyfishes look damn eerie under red light

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More types of jellyfish~~

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I wonder how is it like to be those divers - swimming with tons of fishes, stingrays, manta-rays, sharks and what not. Exciting yet scary at the same time

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Life sized grouper fish. Yes its ginormous!!!!!

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I think that manta-ray owns a pet shark. The shark below kept following the manta-ray wherever it went hahahaha damn cute

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"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Anybody remembers Dory? Hehe

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Eel with leopard print wtf. The cool thing about this eel is that it has an extra set of teeth inside its throat, apart from the original set of teeth it already has in its mouth. Amazing huh!

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Last part of the aquarium are the sharks. They certainly saved the best for the last :>

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On our way to the typhoon stimulator

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Did some shopping before heading home after the movie. I simply couldn't resist omg too cute?! Got myself the ghost one and the other 3 pairs for my brother Clemon :)

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