Friday, November 22, 2013

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Be sure to watch the video!

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 photo IMG_8475_zpse4a20165.jpg
Cute dad haha

 photo IMG_8481_zpsa961fc0b.jpg
 photo IMG_8482_zpsf12417bc.jpg
I almost didn't want to go in but my dad and brothers persuaded me to. Had to overcome my fear of coming in contact with the fishes and I kept having panic attacks so my little brothers had to protect me hahahaha

 photo IMG_8486_zps883ffc0a.jpg
Evidence of me snorkelling

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 photo IMG_8488_zps72629ffc.jpg
Can you spot Dory???

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 photo IMG_8500_zpsd0fe2a5a.jpg
 photo IMG_8507_zpsdc16476f.jpg
Me and Clemon pretending to battle

 photo IMG_8508_zps4e0d84a4.jpg
Then I pushed him in when he least expected it hehe

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 photo IMG_8533_zps063bc500.jpg
 photo IMG_8597_zps920cb61b.jpg
We spent like $100 on food lol seriously

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 photo IMG_8598_zps41c47bc0.jpg
Bought this special bottle as a souvenir

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 photo IMG_8558_zps86c9b6a4.jpg
 photo IMG_8560_zps98794d6b.jpg
Oh y'know, just my fat baby bro punching a stingray

 photo IMG_8556_zps7fa7b1e3.jpg
 photo IMG_8580_zps06e619d8.jpg
Wave pool was surprisingly fun

 photo IMG_8591_zps06489c14.jpg
 photo IMG_8596_zps92ea2a1f.jpg

So that pretty much sums up our trip to Adventure Cove a few weeks back! Finally got around to compiling the videos and filtering pics. We actually took a lot more but these are the more decent ones~ The unfortunate part was that we gave the 2 best rides a miss because it had such a long queue and would probably have taken about an hour of waiting. Kinda regret now cuz it's the most exciting / scary rides in the park and I probably will never go back there again since it's more of a one time experience thing. Usually for such places if you go the second time it wouldn't be as fun anymore. But yes we definitely enjoyed ourselves!!! ^-^