Thursday, November 28, 2013


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Some yummy chocolate thingy Nics got from Melbourne for each of us

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Because good lighting calls for the camera

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Drey, Nics & I were craving for macarons so we bought 2 each from Canale

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This is the cookies & cream flavour

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The menu called this tiger prawns with bacon and idk what. More like ant prawns?! LOL

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I had to hold it like this for 10 seconds cuz I forgot to turn off self timer. What's new.

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Met my besties today to run errands and of course, just to see each other because Nics is back from Melbs and also because we're clingy like that ;) Hahaha. Everybody did some shopping and we did some secret thingy - which I cannot reveal because the surprise hasn't been carried out yet - while chilling at Starbucks. Had dinner at Ambush, a place that serves amazeballz pasta! They even gave us complimentary tiramisu dessert but I forgot to snap a picture of it. Must be my gluttony instincts.

I cannot explain how glad I am to finally be out of the house!!!! I think I still have the HFMD virus in me but I feel fine so yup. 7 days of being cooped up in my room was making me go insane, no kidding. Time to hit the sack as I'm going out on a date with poop tomorrow yay night guys ^-^