Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enculturation x HFMD

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Last week was job orientation, like to introduce us to the company and what not. They call it "enculturation" which explains the title of this post. T'was extremely boring but I met some nice people so that's okay :) Glad to be back at work again, I'd rather be running around after children and cleaning up their pee than be stuck in a room filled with adults and having to act like one. I absolutely hate having to sit down for hours listening to someone speak and that's what the enculturation was about. I almost died from restlessness.

As I am typing this I am in quite a lot of pain - fever, headache and multiple mouth ulcers. I counted at least 10 in just my throat omg :( Swallowing anything, even saliva, kills me each time. Freezing cold due to the fever and the splitting headache doesn't help. Visiting the doctor later and I really hope it isn't HFMD passed to me by the children at school. Sigh pie~ (For those who don't know, I'm working in a childcare centre.)

//edited @ 1.30pm
HFMD confirmed. Fuck….. Looks like it's gonna be just me and my room for the whole entire week. Parents have given me room confinement and I'm not allowed to step out or even talk to my brothers. The only way of communication is through the phone hahaha yes it's that contagious. All I have to keep myself occupied is my tv, mac, phone & bed. Life sucks.