Friday, November 08, 2013

Festival of lights

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Indian food is damn shiok

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This is Dino, who usually freaks me out but that day everyone was protecting me plus he kept trying to hump some random lady. Suspect she was having her period because dogs like girls who are on their periods LOL it's true

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Awkward group picture because there were many other guests around haha

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Stop staring at me like that Dino, I still don't like you.

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The 3 musketeers

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My very first time celebrating Deepavali! Dhiv invited us over to her place on Saturday and we had the best lunch ever because who doesn't like indian food? The seasoned chicken wings, spiced muttons, chilli prawns and of course, the curry. Yummerz~ Spent a few hours there before leaving for Ikea with Cw & Jh where we overestimated our stomach space yet again. We have this really bad tendency to order too much and then end up with a huge pile of leftovers. Need to cut down on my intake, I better not be gaining weight!