Monday, November 25, 2013

Imperial Treasure

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This was the day after my birthday, my parents wanted to bring me out on a better meal because the place we went to on my actual day sucked. So yes we had Imperial Treasure steamboat in Ion and it was so darn awesome!?!?! ^-^ Reminds me of the steamboat we used to have in China on our previous family holidays, really fresh & authentic unlike those we have in Bugis Street or Seoul Garden.

I only get to dine at expensive places like these on special occasions with my family because people my age (including myself) obviously cannot afford it. Haha so sad right. Anyway we went shopping after the very fulfilling lunch and my parents got a bit carried away…. #shopaholicgenes

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Favourite dish yum yum

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Looking at all the food makes me really hungry but I can't eat anything solid at this point :'( Also craving for bbq wings, fish head beehoon, potato chips, frog porridge and sambal stingray…… SIGH PIE

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The skinnies of our family (the other 3 of us are the fatties)

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I look like a tree trunk beside him seriously

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And then after this my camera died.
Genius me charged the spare battery but left it at home *face palm*