Sunday, November 24, 2013


 photo IMG_9025_zps37bf2291.jpg
Just a shot with my part time bf Iden (I'm damn shameless lol)
But you can't deny that he's such an adorable little thing right?!

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The day we travelled all the way to the west side for Liyana's birthday party. The theme was pink & white and as you can see, I was the only idiot who took it literally. Hahaha. I call it being spontaneous ;)

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Gongcha's earl grey milk tea in a fruit juice glass. The irony.

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Was doing spring cleaning in my room today and look what I found! My stash of medals from when I was younger.. mainly from swimming and gymnastics. My sporty days are over. Now I'm just a fat piece of shit working to earn a living. LOL.

HFMD room confinement is really killing me.
I have officially run out of things I can do in my room :(
Please let me recover soon, please…..