Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mexican at Muchos

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 photo IMG_5618_zpsf5888db2.jpg
All my favourites in one basket

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Do you guys eat your corn the same way as I do?

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Ordered more wraps because they were really good

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Ribs round 2

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Blog entry timings might be a bit inaccurate due to me scheduling most of the posts. Don't have much time to blog anymore due to work but that doesn't mean I can't schedule posts to make it seem like I am updating regularly! Blogging cheat code ^-^ Someone on my askfm commented that I haven't blogged about family events in a long time so here I am complying. This was us having a random family dinner at Muchos, a mexican diner located outside Plaza Sing. It's our second time there and the food is not bad, especially the chicken wings and meat wraps. I loooove their wraps!