Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rocking vintage

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 photo IMG_5567_zpsc0a5d194.jpg
Spot them tiny dinos

 photo IMG_5579_zps286090a9.jpg
Test shot in the horrible LAN lighting

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 photo IMG_5586_zpsddbf90b7.jpg
Just Dhiv being Dhiv

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 photo IMG_5595_zps6e0cfdcc.jpg
Teeth advertisement?

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 photo IMG_5599_zpsad597c9f.jpg
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 photo IMG_5602_zps2aa23017.jpg

Last week's farewell dinner for Bryan because he's going to serve the nation real soon, please grow more muscles ah!!! If y'all don't know, Bryan is like a walking stick. I still don't understand how his head is too small for his body hahaha. All my friends are slowly taking turns to enter NS and I'm just lucky that Jh has already completed his otherwise I'll have to wait 2 years for him. To be honest, I don't think I'm good at waiting… ok let's not talking about this.

So anyway we went to play L4D2 opposite Pomo at some place called Chambers (I think) followed by dinner at Astons. I didn't have money for the usual rib eye so I settled on crispy chicken and I discovered that its wayyyyy nicer than the more commonly ordered chargrill chicken! Dhiv & Yx left after dinz while the remaining 3 of us headed to Udders for dessert. I bought mao shan wang ice cream back for my family even though I absolutely hate durian, hehe what a nice daughter/sister I am ;)