Thursday, November 14, 2013

Turning 20 - Part One

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My 20th birthday turned out to be amazing ^-^ Even if not many people celebrated for me, it's fine. Along the years I realized that not all friends are true and that some of them treat you as an option even if they're your priority. Another year older, another year wiser. I mean like I've put in so much effort for quite a number of people I call friends but they didn't do shit for me. However, it's okay because all that matters is having my family & true friends by my side right? Hahaha I sound like I'm consoling myself wtf.

Anyway, back to the topic. On the 8th of Nov (a day before the actual day), poop brought me out to celebrate my birthday and we went ice skating! I chose ice skating because I used to love it a lot. I mean I still do but I realized that ice skating should only be done in bigger groups so we can play stuff like catching and tug of war on the ice, instead of skating around in circles aimlessly. It was still kinda fun though!!

After that poop brought me to Standing Sushi Bar for dinz and……. wait for it……... my besties were there!!!! Apparently they have been secretly planning this surprise with poop for about 2 months already, plus my birthday present from them is the portrait camera lens which I've been eyeing on! OMG I AM SO BLESSED :') They wanted to book me a room at Studio M hotel at first but I couldn't stay over so they changed it to just dinner at the very last minute. Hehehe so much love for my not-yet-boyfriend (LOL) and bestfriends ♥♥♥

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So happy because the rink was almost empty

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Must credit my photography skills for making him look like some professional skater okay

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Spinning and dancing on ice hahaha

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Girls shot but missing Nics who is having the time of her life in Melbs

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We ordered like 4 plates of this and each cost $32 wtf right (but damn shiok)

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This is called the Rockstar roll I think. It's really really good!

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Then Flav came and surprised me with the cake but failed because I spotted him before he could walk over or even light it HAHA

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That's Nics on FaceTime spending my birthday with me too~

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Mandatory group shot

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My birthday planners :')

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At this point all already high I think

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Playing circle of death

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Yay to visible eyelashes

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I promise to use it as much as I can!

Thank you babies for everything you've done for me and for being a part of my life, this friendship is forever :) Friends are family you can select and I am so glad that all of us found each other. To many more years of loving, fighting, bitching, hugging, kissing and any other shit we do together ♥ Not forgetting my poop - Things are always unpredictable but I am happy now and that is all that matters. I really want this to last.

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