Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turning 20 - Part Two

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Second part of my birthday celebration was with my family, as usual. It's a thing for us to spend our birthdays with one another on the actual day. It is always just a meal followed by cake cutting - sounds boring but it's tradition. Extremely thankful to be blessed with a perfect family :)

This year, we made the wrong choice in food. We went to this place called O-An Japanese Restaurant and IT SUCKS BIG TIME. Service was pathetically slow & lousy (only 2 waiters for the entire place + one of them was extremely rude) and the food was horrible. Nothing compared to any regular Japanese restaurant, don't even talk about the high end ones k. Everyone please don't bother going there, all you get is shitty food & shitty service! After the worst lunch ever, we headed to my gram's place ^-^ Cut cake, watched random movies, had home cooked birthday dinner, played mahjong, then left for home slightly before midnight.

Hitting the big two didn't feel like a huge thing but everybody has been telling me that once you surpass your 20th, time will start flying by really quickly. In no time, you will be getting married and having kids. The horror. Haha ok hopefully not!!! I want to enjoy my 20s by travelling around the world and partying like there's no tomorrow! *puppy eyes*

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Clem posted this at midnight and I think it deserves to be up here because he was the first to wish me (as in virtually) and also the only one who made me tear. Such a sweetie!!!

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Lovin' my watercolour romper, have been saving to wear it on my birthday hehe

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OFFICIALLY CONDEMN THIS SHITTY PLACE (read above to know why in case you skipped it)

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I know that in the above pictures the food looks good but it's actually only because of my new camera lens (bday gift from my poop & besties). The lens does wonders in creating the bokeh effect~

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Cutie pie aunt being overdramatic hahahaha

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Pardon the harsh lighting, can't see my watercolour romper print anymore :(

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Other aunt's birthday is 2 days after mine so they got her a mini cake too

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Notice its the same cake as the one my friends got me in the previous post, except this is bigger. Hahaha I am boring like that, every year and every celebration has to be this cake from Four Leaves. Best chocolate cake ever, not even exaggerating!

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