Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Super last minute dinner sesh with my bbgs sometime last week -

 photo IMG_2200_zps8b1f0bc2.jpg
 photo IMG_2201_zpsc5c4fcd1.jpg
I went all the way to Bishan for DTF even though my house area has 2 outlets okay!

 photo IMG_2202_zpsc836661d.jpg
Area under construction because Thor's hammer fell in

 photo IMG_2205_zpscd654a67.jpg
 photo IMG_2206_zpsbab989da.jpg
From this you can tell how much we love chocolate

Got myself 2 wired headbands whilst touring J8 hehe

Work so far has been unexpectedly tiring, yet fun.
Still trying to adapt to the whole waking up early thing :(
G'night babies