Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Ayrton's 16th

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Test shots before leaving the house

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2nd aunt - Ayrton & Arjuna's mom

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My favourite grandparents ^-^

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Ayrton has that freaking huge punching bag in his room wtf

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I have no idea what part of the chicken I was focusing on LOL damn fail

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Above pix taken by Clem and he managed to snap my unglam eating/stoning face

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The $300 cake (including a limited edition Lotus car which was separately bought)

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Pretty 1st aunt - my second mom hehe

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Celebrated Ayrton's birthday the previous week (yup I'm the oldest and also the only girl among my mom's side cousins) at his house and I brought my new lens along to entertain myself. For dinner we had giant pizzas, chicken wings, spaghetti and some other random chinese food followed by a one of a kind race car cake ^-^ Such cakes are no doubt nice to look at but I would never get it for myself because it's way too sweet and smells like play-doh. Ok next birthday coming up: Cymon's!