Sunday, December 01, 2013

Catching Fire

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Wearing my new pullover on a rainy day

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"Every revolution begins with a spark"

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Finally get to buy the $2 mini popcorn! They only sell it before 5pm on weekdays and I usually watch movies after 5pm or on weekends so… yes finally hehe

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Brought my mockingjay pin along for the sake of this picture

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The whole theatre was couple seats, cool huh!

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This marks the end of the movie. Now awaiting Part 3  - Mockingjay.

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He was damn shy cuz I forced him to stand there in front of other people and he really hates taking pictures or doing stupid things in front of strangers hahahaha (but I just had to see the 3D floor effect for myself!!)

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It doesn't seem much but I couldn't even finish my portion and I was so full I could barely move

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Caught Catching Fire with poop on Friday (taking advantage of my last day of MC) and it was pretty alright. I mean it was predictable because I already knew what was going to happen. In fact I knew all the details that were not in the movie either since I read the books last year. The part I liked about the movie is of course her wedding dress, she spun around and as she was spinning it transformed into a black dress with wings!!! That was something I couldn't picture just by reading because my imagination isn't that magnificent. Hahaha.

After the movie we went shopping and I bought some cool stuff from Toys R Us for Cymon's birthday so that's one thing off my to-do-list :) Still have yet to get gifts for the christmas gift exchange with colleagues and secret santa with my besties. Good thing it was pay day yesterday! Time for a major shopping spree soon. Even though I just bought like 3 dresses, a top & a skirt the other day~ #unstoppable #neverenoughclothes