Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

This was how my 24th went.. two celebrations in a day!

 photo Photoon24-12-13at910AM4_zps18107384.jpg
 photo Photoon24-12-13at911AM2_zps15a0c213.jpg
 photo Photoon24-12-13at910AM3_zps95b5e691.jpg
Early in the morning being hiao before work

 photo IMG_0280_zps82e1c8a3.jpg
 photo IMG_0289_zpsee922391.jpg
What a wide spread right!!!

 photo IMG_0294_zpsf7a676d5.jpg
 photo IMG_0290_zps3274bcf8.jpg
X'mas gift exchange with colleagues

 photo IMG_7342_zpsbb60f66e.jpg
Realise I always have candid shots of me adjusting my hair #vain

 photo IMG_7339_zpsbe2d6c96.jpg
 photo IMG_7348_zps1c659f1f.jpg
My new kicks, you like?

 photo IMG_7336_zps37b163d2.jpg
 photo IMG_7350_zps540ed363.jpg
'Wind in my hair' kind of shot

 photo IMG_7351_zps26e41d96.jpg
 photo IMG_7360_zpsfecd3541.jpg
 photo IMG_7373_zps2faa309c.jpg
X'mas present from Jh shipped all the way from US

 photo IMG_7369_zpsface491b.jpg
It's a silver wishbone necklace if you can't see it clearly. So preeeeeedy hehe I love it!

 photo IMG_7362_zps0bdea6ae.jpg
 photo IMG_7366_zpsda8c5258.jpg
Hot tomato for the millionth time cuz they're cheap & good

 photo IMG_7374_zps32911e4d.jpg
I gave him a shirt & a mini dustbin inside that giant christmas sock hahaha

 photo IMG_7422_zps6e6c45ff.jpg
 photo IMG_7441_zps6073e8dc.jpg
Buzz Light Year film which I've been waiting for ended up being given to Rm. IS IT JUST ME OR AM I DAMN SUAY???? :( The other time Clemon got the 3 eyed alien film that I wanted so badly then I got over it and waited for Buzz but now Rm got it. Ok next time I use another Toy Story pack of films I'm gonna use it all for myself so I won't miss any! Cannot be generous for my Toy Story pack already LOL hmfph

 photo IMG_7408_zpsaf7c6982.jpg
 photo IMG_7400_zpsf33f5ee8.jpg
Putting the wishbone necklace on for me ^-^

 photo IMG_7435_zps19948cfd.jpg
 photo IMG_7418_zps402f5fb5.jpg

First celebration was during work. We had half day at work since it was the eve and the teachers had a feast while the kids were having their nap time. My first time eating turkey hehe it's damn nice!!! I wanna have it for x'mas again next year, hopefully with my family. Felt super loved at work because some of the other teachers prepared separate presents for us - so sweet right ;)

After work I rushed home to shower and off to meet Rm for some last minute shopping, where we ended up buying clothes for ourselves. Seriously no hope…. cannot be contained. #confessionsofashopaholic How to save money for any overseas trips like that? Haha anyway our boyfriends Ch & Jh (yup I call them that in person because how cool is it that their initials are so similar right? Ok actually I think only I find it cool la but still) joined us for dinner after our retail therapy sesh. Roamed around town for the rest of the night and got stuck in a major human jam towards the end!

There's nothing better than spending Christmas Eve with both my best friend and boyfriend ♥♥