Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clemon's 17th

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Long overdue update. Clemon's birthday was on 19 December, exactly 12 days ago? But better late than never! I rushed home to shower after work then off we headed to Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza for dinz. My parents claim that among all the Peach Garden branches this one is the best so yep. Their food was indeed fulfilling :)

Cut the cake there and they provided us with this special knife with buttons and when we click on the buttons, musical tones will start playing. From the freaking knife. Cool huh! Hahaha. All the other tables kept staring at us because of the attention seeking knife. To the many more birthdays we'll celebrate together, even when we start our own families in the future & have grandchildren we must still be the closest siblings ever!!! All 3 of us! *pinky swear*

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Super yummy eggplant fried with pork floss

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Everybody's favourite dish

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Idk why my granddad always looks shorter than my grandma in photos

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The ones in our family with the better looking genes hahaha

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We are all natural camwhores

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Because nobody gets sick of cereal prawns. Ever.

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He was like "how many you want to take?" because I retook this 3 times

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Didn't like this dish, tasteless tofu with spinach at the bottom. Gross much

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Finally 17. One more year till you're legal!!

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With his present from Cym & I

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