Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cymon's 11th

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This was actually on his actual day, December 9th. Which was like last Monday but I took so long to update because of my immense lack of free time. I know it's not an excuse but I've been reeaaally busy. I'm dying of exhaustion :( More about my recent two weeks in the next post! I am beginning to not have a life. To quit or not to quit that is the question..

So anyway for Cymon's birthday I had work till 6pm, headed home to shower then off we went for dinner. Sushi Tei at big splash followed by dropping by my aunt's place to cut the cake. Kinda feel bad for Cym because dad was still overseas at that time but oh well, work is more important. At least he went home a happy boy because Clem & I got him a cool birthday present ^-^

We're all growing up too quickly.

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Must haves

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Actually this is also a must have. In fact, everything is a must have. Ordered so much I wanted to puke after that. What's new hahaha we always have this tendency to over order

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My baby brothers with their awkward smiles

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My favourite type of noodle has got to be the udon - thick & spongy

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Prawn covered in mentai sauce but somehow it didn't taste nice. The cheapo version at nihon express is nicer leh I feel

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Our little toothpick wolverine ♥

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His very own road

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Yup same cake as the one I get for my birthday every year cuz…. well… it's the best?!

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The way he blows out the candles is damn cute wtf

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My aunt was like "walao like girlfriend like that -___-" LOL

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He's into such things so yep we got him science experiment kits

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Ok abrupt ending with my face bye