Thursday, December 05, 2013

Happiness is a color that you can never run out of

 photo IMG_6622_zpsde633e4f.jpg

With absolutely no relevance to the picture, I'm going to talk about a piece of bad news I just received in my email. The company I'm working for just notified me that if I start on my course next year, I'll have to travel all the way to Jurong East 3 fucking times a week for 9am to 6pm classes because the institute will be shifting from Bugis to the motherfucking west side. I hate the west side!!!! East siders all hate the west side.

You know how far it is for me to travel all the way there?! Plus class starts at fucking 9am! How am I supposed to continue like that. I feel like just quitting after my probation because I really don't want to travel so much just to study for a diploma. It was supposed to be a course that makes me happy but having to travel such a long distance makes me really really upset :'(

What should I do? Quit? Confused...