Thursday, December 12, 2013

My treat

 photo IMG_6912_zpsafbc39ee.jpg
Twirling around~

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Mandatory shot with the x'mas tree

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Black and white > colour anytime

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Ordered the usual so no need for details

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 photo IMG_6978_zps7ccdc4ab.jpg
Chocolate avalanche! A must have dessert!

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 photo IMG_6984_zps34c3c064.jpg
I was so happy eating that I couldn't be bothered with pix hahaha

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I was so sad ok! Clemon got the 3 eyed alien film which I was waiting for. Whole box only has 1 and it took so long to come out. When it does, Clemon gets it :( He laughed at me the whole time cuz' I'm so damn unlucky haha sian

 photo IMG_7006_zpsa6fcef94.jpg
Me whining non-stop to Clem about my loss LOL

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 photo IMG_7007_zps2c39c74f.jpg
This was candid. I was like "wait ah let me adjust my fringe first" then *snap* *snap* *snap*

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 photo IMG_7031_zps21ccf8e5.jpg

The first half of my most recent Sunday was spent with my family (unfortunately dad's still overseas) at the place we visit most often, Tony Roma's. I treated them to lunch because I got my first pay just a week before that! Hehe. After the lunch we went to explore the new suntec before I left to meet Jh. We went on a major shopping spree!!! And I am finally a Fashion Fast Forward member with the help of Jh because I bought a pair of Topshop jeans but it wasn't enough to become a member (min. spending $150) so he bought 2 pairs of jeans too. Yayers ^-^

Am currently on no pay leave from work due to my weak body….. fever, headache, throat infection, blocked/running nose, ulcers. Hopefully it's not HFMD round 2 ah seriously.. *touch wood* I think I'm just too heaty, spamming bottles of water as I type this. May I have a speedy recovery and be back to work tomorrow!