Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pretty much it

Last week I had the world's shittiest week in my life. Not even exaggerating k. I had work from Monday to Friday as usual but I fell ill (by ill I mean fever, ulcers, flu, headache, everything) on Thursday so I took a no pay leave and stayed home to rest. Being exhausted and sick from the entire 5 days, I still had to drag myself to attend a stupid compulsory first aid course on both Saturday AND Sunday -___- Burnt my whole weekend just like that.

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Oh yes between the crazy week I met the homies as well. I think it was Wednesday? I headed down to bugis after work where we had steamboat bbq for Cw's birthday dinner and we surprised her with the Yonana's yogurt/ice cream making machine that she always wanted! Hehehe. Got her a slice of Baskin Robin's chocolate ice cream cake also and I think it's too… un-cakeish? If you know what I mean. I think normal cakes are way better than ice cream cakes :) Meeting them again on Christmas itself, can't wait!

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Jumpsuit that Dhiv got me from her vacation at Bali

On Sunday I had to leave halfway to meet the besties for our secret santa so I snuck out of the course during lunch break to meet them only to find out that both Audrey and Jeanie couldn't make it at the very last minute. Was fucking disappointed because we took so fucking long to settle on a date for our x'mas meal and yet they didn't turn up. So secret santa was pretty much ruined. To make matters worse, I got caught disappearing from the course so I was called to go back. Wasted all my time on transport also. Fuck.

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Opening her present from me (she's my santee)

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 photo DSC03997_zpsded88923.jpg
Koala keychain added to my keychain collection - from Rm from her recent Aussie trip!


Moving on to Tuesday this week. I gave Drey & Rm a dinner treat at cine's nihon mura express since I got my first pay last month. No pix because I looked like ultimate crap that day x.x

Then on Wed evening I had dinner at Bugis with Jh. Did some last minute shopping for Clem's birthday present and managed to get him the perfect pair of beige shorts! Clem's birthday was on Thursday, where I had dinner with the family after work. More on that another time~

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Friday I met Jess & Val after what seemed like forever, caught up like crazy over dinner. We ate at this place called Wingstop in the new Bedok Mall, which was so-so. I think 4Fingers is wayyyyy better. Explored a bit of the mall as well, it's really huge! I think Bedok Point is gonna go out of business and close down soon, since it has practically nothing plus it's further from both the interchange and the mrt station as compared to Bedok Mall. Hopefully the next time we meet its with the boys too, or maybe to bake! Val promised to impart some of her baking skills to us hehe

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Baked by Val, really damn nice - tastes exactly like those sold in shops!

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Today I had to attend the first aid course again (final day already thank god) so after it ended I went over to Dhoby for a little alone time, shopped alone with my headphones on and I even bought a lace trimmed turquoise bra. Awesome. Headed back for dinner at SSC with my family after 2 whole hours of shopping alone (omg achievement unlocked hahaha) then had a soak in the jacuzzi before taking a nice hot bath there. Damn shiok ^-^

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Back home now as I make a lousy attempt to churn out a post on my past 2 weeks. Going over to Jh's place to chill tomorrow, finally get to cuddle in his sheets while watching a movie online. Kinda nervous about meeting his grandma tomorrow though, we're gonna have my favourite milky fish sliced beehoon whoopie!